Hairstory Reduces Their CPA by 79% with Perceptly Studio


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Increase in Conversion Rates


Higher click-through-rates for some ad campaigns


Hairstory, a prominent retail brand in the United States, focuses on providing superior quality hair products. Established in 2015 and based in New York City, their goal is to offer customers the healthiest and happiest hair possible by introducing a new approach to washing hair that eliminates harsh foams and harmful detergents.


Hairstory conducted experiments with different messaging and creative elements in their advertising campaigns, but they discovered that they were not achieving the desired engagement and ROI. Despite attempting multiple variations, the results remained stagnant.


In order to enhance their marketing strategy and create assets that align with their KPIs, Hairstory chose to collaborate with Perceptly, utilizing our in-house team of creatives and designers, along with our extensive historical data and client experiences.


With the help of Perceptly Studio, Hairstory capitalized on creative assets that successfully engaged their desired audience, quickly resulting in a decrease in wasteful ad spending and a rise in conversion rates.

Insights to remove the guesswork for Hairstory