How CUUP Improved Campaign ROAS by 15% in Just 90 Days


Hours saved analyzing creative performance and developing briefs


Reduction in spend on inefficient ads and creative assets


ROI through new and efficient creative concepts


CUUP is a leading American retail brand specializing in bras. Founded in 2017 & headquartered in New York City, CUUP sits at the intersection of style and function. Pairing their luxury fabrics with their innovative designs, they break the compromise between comfort & true support.


To drive sales of its newly released products, CUUP decided to launch online marketing campaigns in order to acquire leads and improve conversion rates. After some time, CUUP wasn’t seeing the results expected from their online campaigns despite making various changes to some of their creative assets.


CUUP partnered with Perceptly, following positive results they had seen in our work with other retail brands. Using our proprietary technology, we examined over two years worth of their campaign data and marketing creatives across Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat. This enabled us to pinpoint specific creative components that resulted in higher engagement and better overall performance.


With the help of Perceptly, CUUP was able to reduce spend against creative assets that were unlikely to work. They gained insights on how to improve and iterate on their top-performing assets. This knowledge helped them create new creative assets that were more effective in acquiring leads and increasing conversion rates.