Nudge Your Customers to Increase Conversion Rate By Up To 20%

Researchers have discovered that nudging, when used in combination with social proof, is almost 20% more effective in driving conversions than when used on its own

How to Give them a Nudge:

Increase your conversion rates simply by having a default option selected and combining it with social proof (e.g. ‘Most popular!’ or ‘Highest rated!’).

Further studies have also shown that having a default option selected and combining with transparent messaging that justifies the default selection is effective too. 

What’s in a Nudge, Anyways?

Popularized by Richaed Thaler and Cass Sunstein in their best seller “Nudge”, nudging aims to influence or bias someone’s decision by making a subtle change in their decision-making environment to make an option more appealing than others (e.g. default option selected). 

Interestingly, in the two experiments conducted in the research, nudges were just as effective in situations of ‘high cognition’ or moments when the consumer had to take a slower, more thoughtful approach to decision-making and product selection.

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Source: Ingendahl M, Hummel D, Maedche A, Vogel T, Who can be nudged? Examining nudging effectiveness in the context of need for cognition and need for uniqueness, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Vol. 20, Iss. 2, March/April 2021, pp. 324 – 336