Here’s How You Can Sell More Sea Shells

Authors have discovered that messaging with alliterative phrases combined with pricing promotions led to higher consideration & selection than non-alliterative promotions:

  • “Two T-Shirts $21” — Alliterative promotions
  • “Two T-Shirts $19” — Non-alliterative promotions

Creating alliterative promotions may be an alternative to small price discounts.

Testing This Theory:

Apply this discovery to your advertising campaigns by adding messaging that contains alliterative phrases. You could also add phrases with a word-sound overlap:

  • “Save big bucks at Bob’s” —  the “B” sound is repeated

researchers also discovered that alliteration has the biggest impact when all message components (e.g., price, brand, quantity) alliterate.

Wondering Why This Works?

Phonological (the way a word sounds) overlap present in an alliteration makes it easier for the reader to process the message and simultaneously makes it easier to recall & accessed from memory, which in turn results in more positive judgments in evaluating a deal and influences choice.